How To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

  • By KaylaK
  • March 3, 2021
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How To Improve Air Quality In Your Home
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As the snowfall begins to melt and the greenery starts to come back to life, it becomes pretty clear that spring is on its way. However, while we’re all looking forward to the fresh air and sunshine that the season brings, there are some of us who are also dreading the onset of allergies. Air quality is known to be lower during the spring, and it’s often the cause of many uncomfortable health occurrences such as coughing, sneezing, or watery eyes. Fortunately, by controlling the air inside your home, you can get some relief from these symptoms. This is how to improve air quality in your home and mitigate your allergies.

Clean the Home Regularly

First off, it’s crucial that you get into the habit of cleaning your home regularly. Some of the largest contributors to allergies have to do with several layers of dust sitting on many of your home’s surfaces. As these particles build up, they get kicked into the air and saturate the area where you’re breathing. Because of this, cleaning these spaces regularly and getting rid of those materials is the key to maintaining healthier air in your home.

Get Rid of Mold

You can also improve air quality in your home by identifying any mold patches and removing them. Like dust, mold can also travel through the air and take root on various surfaces throughout the home. But, conversely, once mold finds an accommodating spot, it will reproduce and grow. There are several different types of mold in homes and some can even be toxic to inhale. So, washing these surfaces down with soap, and often bleach, will be vital.

Change Your AC Filter

Dust and mold particles can make their way into your ventilation system as well and further spread throughout the home. As such, switching out your filters every few months can make a large difference in the severity of your symptoms. By getting rid of these old components and installing clean ones in their place, you’re cutting the amount of dust that’s currently circulating through your environment.

Set Up an Air Purifier

If you still don’t feel like this is enough, consider setting up an air purifier. These devices draw in air, filter out any potentially harmful materials, and push it back out into the room. Air purifiers can keep your indoor air several times cleaner than normal and can even remove more hostile particles like mold. For this reason, they’re highly recommended for those suffering from severe allergies or asthma in the springtime.

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