How To Get the Most Money Out of Your Car Before Selling It

  • By KaylaK
  • June 28, 2021
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How To Get the Most Money Out of Your Car Before Selling It
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Selling your current car is often a frustrating back-and-forth which can lead to dissatisfaction for everyone involved. Knowing how to get the most money out of your car before selling it can avoid many of these pitfalls and make sure everyone leaves with what they want: whether the buyer with a functional car or you with a decent amount of money.

Outward Appearances

Despite the saying, people will judge your car by how it looks. You’ll need to spruce up the exterior and interior before you start taking pictures and showing them to potential buyers. You may have a powerful engine under the hood, great gas mileage, and a top-notch sound system; however, if your car looks run-down and disheveled, that’s a tough hurdle to get over.

Get Your Car Detailed

A full, top-to-bottom cleaning isn’t something you need every weekend, but it’s a boon when you finally decide to put your vehicle on the market. The detailing cost can vary, but the average price is around 100 dollars. That may seem like a lot at first, but the new and improved look can catch the eye of people willing to spend more.

Minor Repairs and Imperfections

No one expects a used car to run perfectly or show no signs of wear and tear, but people expect some quality control. Invariably, your vehicle will have its fair share of dents, damages, and repairs: it’s essential to get those sorted out before you begin advertising it. You can hide rough and worn components in pictures, but the moment someone takes your car for a test run, they’ll know if you’re trying to hide something.

A Price You’ll Eventually Pay

Whether you decide to fix the car before you sell it or market the vehicle as-is, you’ll feel it in your pocket at some point. The amount someone is willing to pay for your car will negate the price you might save by not repairing it. If not perfect, make sure everything is in adequate working order.

History of Maintenance

While no vehicle owner can escape minor maintenance needs, you can eliminate the threat of major damage and serious vehicular failure. The importance of regular care is key to your car’s resale value; so, if you spend years driving it into the ground, the price is going to drop right along with it. The harder you drive it and the less service you take it in for, the more expensive the inevitable repairs.

Service Schedule

Like when you see a doctor, you need to take your car in for occasional check-ups. Mechanics will help spot and solve any growing issues and save you money in the long run when you don’t need an entire system replaced. Instead, you only need to worry about individual, inexpensive parts.

Constant Upkeep

Getting the most money out of your car means taking care of it from the moment you buy it to the day you sell it. Poor upkeep will catch up to you eventually, and it’s better to care for now than years down the line.

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