Horizon Records Welcomes a New Year of Music

  • By cvbizz
  • January 13, 2019
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Gene Berger Horizon Records
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Well here we are in January 2019, and I have to say “the more things change, the more things stay the same”:
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– Holidays have come and gone yet again, ✅check
– The world and our country are still in a crazy messed up circus of confusion, ✅check.
– We’re still here, Horizon Records rolls on, ✅check.
– Music remains a positive point and a balm to our collective wounded souls, ✅✅✅ and hell yes, thank goodness.
– Find just below several rather not-for-prime-time- but oughta-be selections we recommend; some recent some decades old.

So plowing into January here some big bits of GOOD NEWS you can use:

1) Not sure what happened in 2018? Looking for a cool new record to check out? Don’t stress, our very own indicator, drummer, Excons band member and music bon vivant John Byce has posted his JB’s Best of 2018 right here.

2) SC BACH has some nice things lined up for 2019, you can find the details and mark yer calendars by looking here, as well as feel free to contribute to their fundraising while visiting their site so these life enhancing concerts and outreach events stay active, safe and alive in our community.

3) a tsunami (the good kind) of VINYL collections has been rolling up at our store since just after new year’s, TONS of quality, some just nice, plenty of rare and hard to find vintage records are now curated and in the bins in all categories especially, ROCK, BLUES and JAZZ, and many new goodies all in our bargain vinyl vault room.

I want to thank all past and present members of Little Feat (Lowell George!) and the late great Allen Toussaint who wrote this song for their vison and their outright funkiness. I dedicate this track to Donald J Trump and all his cronies. Just a thought from our corner on yes literally Main Street, take heed:

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