Holiday Foods That Don’t Get Enough Credit

  • By cvbizz
  • December 17, 2020
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The holidays are a time for giving and gratitude, but also food, food, and more food. Everyone has their favorite dishes, but some often-dismissed options might be way better than they get credit for. These are the most underrated holiday eats you should consider adding back to your menu.

It seems like green bean casserole has been around forever, but it’s really only been a thing since about 1955. That’s when Campbell’s employee Dorcas Reilly invented the holiday staple that, according to the company, makes an appearance on almost 30 million tables each year.

With that many families serving the classic dish, it’s obviously a common sight at holiday dinners, but oftentimes it gets passed from person without much love. And that’s unfortunate, because green bean casserole happens to be one of the tastiest sides out there.

Can it be a little gloopy, with its canned green beans? Sure, but there’s nostalgia in that gloopiness. And that’s also where the french fried onions come in. With enough of those crispy, crunchy morsels adorning the top of the dish, it really doesn’t matter what’s underneath — seriously, french fried onions could make dog food taste good.

Pro tip: Fresh beans go a long way in elevating this old-school side, while allowing the original flavors to shine through. Suddenly, it’s gone from gloopy to glorious, and you won’t be passing the dish at all — you’ll want to park it right in front of you.

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Green bean casserole | 0:00
Jell-O salad | 1:31
Creamed pearl onions | 2:10
Canned cranberry sauce | 2:59
Scalloped potatoes | 3:55
Ambrosia salad | 4:51
Stove Top Stuffing | 5:32
Cheese balls | 6:22
Eggnog | 7:13

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