Hobbies for Animal Lovers

  • By KaylaK
  • November 24, 2020
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Hobbies for Animal Lovers
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For some animal lovers, bringing your pet along on an adventure or spending time at home with them enough to get your fix. Different people may crave more time with cute and fascinating creatures other than the household pet. Luckily, there are plenty of hobbies to take up that incorporate a love for animals.  

Take up Horseback Riding  

For the more active souls, horseback riding is a staple hobby for animal lovers. Horseback riding can be a therapeutic stress-reliever and an active muscle builder. The bond you form through riding and caring for your horse will make the experience even more exciting.  

Volunteer at a Shelter  

Another popular hobby for animal enthusiasts is volunteering at an animal shelter. You’ll get plenty of one-on-one time with cute and cuddly pets looking for love, and also improve the lives of the animals waiting to be adopted.   

Raise Chickens in Your Backyard  

If you want to add some new animals to your family, consider adding chickens instead of a traditional family pet like a dog or cat. Chickens are easy to care for and are fascinating animals to watch wander around your backyard.   

Try Animal Yoga  

Different types of animal yoga are becoming all the rage for yoga and animal lovers alike. Animal yoga can include cats, dogs, or even goats. Your usual yoga routine will be newly energized when a cuddly goat jumps on your back to join in your Downward Dog.   

Start a Dog Walking Side Hustle  

Dog walking is an excellent hobby for someone looking to make extra cash while also adding more animals to your daily routine. Spread the word to neighbors or join a dog walking app and spend a few hours of your day surrounded by happy, four-legged friends.   

Take up one or all of these hobbies for animal lovers to combine your endearment for animals with a new, exciting hobby to conquer. 

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