Here’s What You May Not Know About Schitt’s Creek

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  • October 26, 2020
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While most fans of Schitt’s Creek know how the show came to be, there’s still plenty you may not realize about the series and its cast. From surprising family connections to the show’s most magical musical moments, here are things that even the biggest Schitt’s Creek fans may not know.

Most Schitt’s Creek fans probably immediately recognized Johnny Rose, as he was played by a total acting legend.

The man behind the Rose family patriarch, actor Eugene Levy, found fame working on SCTV before appearing in a series of hit comedy films such as American Pie, Best of Show, and Waiting for Guffman. And it seems Levy’s comedic talents were passed on to not just one, but two of his children.

Dan Levy, Eugene’s son, is the creator of Schitt’s Creek, and also stars on the show as Johnny’s son, David. Eugene explained to the Los Angeles Times that he was initially nervous to work with his son, as Schitt’s Creek was a character-driven show rather than a sketch show; however, he eventually decided to give it a shot.

What some fans of the show may not realize is that Eugene’s other child, Sarah Levy, was also central to the show, playing waitress Twyla.

Co-star Annie Murphy explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers that Eugene would even mouth their lines along with them as they performed, saying, quote, “He couldn’t be more delighted watching his kids perform.”

Watch the video more on what what you may not know about Schitt’s Creek!

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A Levy family affair | 0:00
Moira’s bizarre accent | 1:20
David? David. David! | 2:36
Alexis’ weird wrists | 3:27
“Simply the Best” | 4:19
“A Little Bit Alexis” | 5:13
A hairy audition | 6:09
A life-changing role | 6:58
Wigging out | 8:01
Gimme some props | 8:53
An emotional finale | 9:42

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