Greenville restaurant struggling to keep doors open launches GoFundMe campaign

  • By cvbizz
  • February 25, 2021
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Luna Rosa Famiglia,We love our Greenville family and could use your help ( Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, through the months of forced lockdown, the struggles with our family’s exposure to the virus, and all the hard months since, our rent has remained at $10,432.56 with a 3% increase as of January 2021 ($10,745.54). During and continuing through the pandemic we have tried to pay our rent monthly, and without some government assistance such as PPP grants and non-forgivable loans we would have closed our doors months ago.After 13 years, it is with heavy, humble hearts to tell you that we are threatened with losing our Greenville home, in spite of doing everything in our power to meet the rent and make our way towards the light at the end of the tunnel. That light for us being warmer months, beautiful outdoor patio seating, vaccines being distributed, and our family’s livelihood surviving this unprecedented time in history. We are so close to the beginning of Luna Rosa’s season… to lose it now after all we have endured is simply heartbreaking. We know that everyone has experienced hard times and loss. It’s not lost on us that every person continuing to come eat meals with us or enjoy a scoop of gelato is doing so with a heavy heart and a strained budget. You continue to pour love into our space, and our family is so humbled and grateful.Please, if you have any ability to support Luna Rosa, we have opened a GoFundMe account. All donations will go to pay our rent. It is our belief that with that burden assisted we can take care of all other operating expenses.If you aren’t comfortable simply donating, come enjoy a meal with us. We’d love to serve you. We are still respecting social distancing, we have an outdoor seating option, and the staff continues to wear masks. Your safety is of the highest importance to us. We know it’s not an easy ask, we’re all hurting, but to make it through we need your help. $1, $5, whatever you are able to give will go a long way.With so much love,Luna Rosa 🧡

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