Five Local Authors You Will Find at the Greenville County Library

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  • April 2, 2021
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The Greenville County Library system has some excellent and exceptional Books and publications written by many notable and famous South Carolina residents, and people that have been in the news and made the headlines that are from the city of Greenville who made a difference. I have a list of Five noted authors who are from Greenville that have books collected  in the Greenville Library system. 

The Book “Backbone” was written by noted Greenville poet Glenis Redmond. Redmond is a former performance poet with the Greenville Wits End Poetry slam. Redmond travels nationally reading and teaching poetry. She serves as Poet-in-residence at the Peace Center in Greenville, and at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Nick Theodore has the Book “Trials and Triumphs: South Carolina’s evolution, 1962-2014.” It is a political and personal memoir written by politician Nick Theodore. Theodore served as the 85th Lieutenant governor of South Carolina from 1987 to 1995; and as State Senator from 1967-1968 and 1981-1986. He truly is an elder statesman from the City of Greenville. 

Dr. Courtney Tollison has two Books that are collected at the Greenville Library system. The first one is called “World War II and Upcountry South Carolina: We just did everything we could.” And her second book is called “Furman University.” Dr. Tollison serves as Assistant Professor at Furman University. She also served as the Founding Historian for the Upcountry History Museum. 

David Wilkins has the Book “The role of Local government in the Republican Revolution.” It was published in the year 1995. This great historical book is in the South Carolina Collection archive for Library use only. Wilkins served as US Ambassador to Canada from 2005- 2009; and he also was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1980 to 2005. 

The writer David Shi has three books that are collected at the Greenville Library system. These three books are called “The Bell Tower and Beyond: reflections on learning and living,”  “The Simple life: Plain living and High thinking in American culture,” and the third one is “Finding Facts: realism in American thought and culture, 1850-1920.” David E. Shi served as the 10th President of Furman University from 1994-2010.

The Greenville County Library system is a great local resource for local history, and a repository of Books and publications that tell the Story of Greenville. And the Greenville Library system has collected books from local South Carolina history makers, and people who are from the City of Greenville who have made a difference in the local area, nationally, and even are known around the world.

Steven Hawkins is a Freelance writer from Greenville SC. Since 2014 he has published Letters to the editor in some of the Largest Newspapers in South Carolina, North Carolina, and around the country. In 2019 he collected his Letters and others writings in a publication from AuthorHouse publishers entitled “Letters from South Carolina.”

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