Fishermen save wild horse from drowning in North Carolina

  • By cvbizz
  • July 16, 2021
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It will be a week Owen Carson and the rest of his family won’t ever forget.

Carson, his brother-in-law, Jeff Kipp, and his father-in-law, George Kipp, decided to soak in the sun and enjoy the water on Tuesday, July 13, with a fishing trip in Carova. More than 20 people, including the trio, are in the Outer Banks this week celebrating George and his wife, Mary, having their 50th wedding anniversary.

The fishing trip took an unexpected turn when the fishermen discovered a foal struggling at the seawall of a canal.

After watching the horse, and seeing it was unable to get out of water, Carson and his family knew it was time to step in and help.

“We all just kind of decided, ‘you know what, forget about penalties or anything like that, we can deal with that later. We’re just going to save this horse because its not going to make it if we don’t,'” Carson told WCNC by Zoom Thursday night.

After wading through the water, Carson was able to gently guide the horse along the seawall to a boat slip. It was at that point Carson said they called the rescue crew and officials arrived in 10 minutes to help with the horse.

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