Fire Safety Week Tips From Corley Plumbing Air Electric

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  • October 7, 2018
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While children under 5 and adults over 65 are at the highest risk for injury or death in a fire, people of all ages are vulnerable. Bringing awareness to the risk of fire can help keep everyone safe. Here are a few things to think about to make sure you and your family are safe.

Are your smoke alarms installed? You should have one in every bedroom and hallway or other common areas near the bedrooms. If possible, make sure they are all connected, so they will all go off if one is triggered. Be sure to test them every months to make sure they are still working. Change the batteries every six months just to make sure. Remember smoke alarms have to be replaced every ten years. Just because it beeps, doesn’t mean its working.
Do you have an escape plan from every room? Have a Plan A and a Plan B from each location. Ensure that other members of your family, especially your children, know how to get out of their rooms in case of fire. Plan where you will meet once you’re all out of the house The NFPA, has some wonderful resources on their website to teach children about fire safety.
When was the last time the electrical system in your home was checked? Test the GFCI outlets regularly to make sure they will reset. If you ever notice a switch plates or outlets that get hot, call an electrician immediately.

If you know anyone who can’t afford smoke detectors, please reach out to us. Our local Fire Departments have some great programs where they can offer free smoke alarms including alarms for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
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