//Family Day Trip to Cedar Falls Park Yields a Tasty Surprise at The Yum-Yum Snack Shop
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Family Day Trip to Cedar Falls Park Yields a Tasty Surprise at The Yum-Yum Snack Shop

Melissa Milligan

Are you and your family ready to get out and about, but looking for something safe (socially distancing speaking) and cost-effective? Have I got the activity for you!

Located at 201 Cedar Falls Park Road in Fountain Inn you will find an amazing little park on a quaint country road, Cedar Falls Park. It has a play place, paved walking trail, dirt trails, waterfalls, picnic tables, ball fields, restrooms, and bench swings!

Last week the kiddos and I, bound for another park down 25, took an unexpected detour to this park. I am so glad we did! We ended up hiking a couple of miles, playing in the sand, and playing on the playset for several hours.


As we were leaving, we happened across yet another whimsically charming place, the Yum-Yum Snack Shop & Café. Literally just 4 minutes down the road from the park at 1107 McKelvey Road, Pelzer—you will find Carol Gilley’s mill house café.

Yum-Yum Snack Shop and Cafe, Pelzer, SC

The atmosphere takes you back in time to a snack shop of yesteryear. Each room named and decorated accordingly; we chose to eat in Mustard’s room. As you might imagine the mustard yellow walls complimented this space nicely. The collection of the variety of forms and tastes of the condiment lined a shelf nearby. Our table was a repurposed stained-glass window from a church and our seats were pews. Outside there is a “Secret Garden” with hints to the book as décor—will you find the key on your visit?

Food is reasonably priced, the service kind, and attentive. Definitely worth every penny and a tip!!!

With everyone being impacted by “the virus” I was so pleased to see this little place still going—and not only are they still going, but they have been able to keep their entire staff together by all making sacrifices to keep the doors open to this special little place. Like other businesses, they switched to take out only for a period of time, then incorporated outside dining, and now the inside has reopened.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your family, friends, or even a quiet spot just for you—this is the place for you! Offering Drop-in or Drive-thru for lunches, home-baked goods, ice-cream and even live music—you have to come by and check out this place for yourself! When you do be sure to ask for the Cedar Falls Park brochure they keep at the counter before you hit the trail. Inside the brochures you will find a brief history of the park, a map, and a bird-watching list! Be sure to ask Carol about the Heron rookery located on the trails as well!

Being outside on a South Carolina spring day, sun shining, and not a cloud in the sky—listening to the giggles of my children fill the air, my world felt almost normal again— at least for those brief few hours!

Get out and enjoy Greenville, friends!!!

Happy hiking and snacking!

How to Get To The Yum Yum Snack Shop in Pelzer

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