Waltz & East Coast Swing & Line Dance Lessons

WALTZ, EAST COAST SWING, Line Dance DANCE LESSONS: This is for beginners! We will have a syllabus of Waltz and East Coast Swing moves that will give you a sense of progression and satisfaction as you will see your progress quickly! Most importantly, the lessons are fun. We drill one move, so you will not be overwhelmed with too much information! WHERE: Spinning Jenny, 107 Cannon St, Greer SC PRICE: $5 - Waltz/ $5 East Coast Swing/ Line Dance $5 PRICE OPTION 2: Buy 7, $10 Classes get the 8th one free. 8 Classes only $70 = You save $10! You will receive a punch card when you come for the 1st class - No expiration date. Just click on this link! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/waltz-east-coast-swing-dance-lessons-triple-step-swing-tickets-88447072575 FOOD/ DRINKS: Drinks are available at the Spinning Jenny Bar. They are also building a restaurant in the back room.... Hold tight! Food is coming! SHOES: NOT REQUIRED but recommended! Hard leather soles or Dance Shoes with Suede leather on the bottoms. You are welcome to wear tennis shoes. However, they make it tough on the spins. Some of our students purchase the socks to put over the tennis shoes - THIS WORKS also! PURCHASING DANCE SHOES: You can purchase Latin Dance Shoes/ Ballroom dance shoes/ Character shoes at .... Lightinthebox.com....It takes awhile before you get your order. Order on Amazon if you want them quickly.
  • April 26, 2020
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