Virtual Happy Hour

We tossed around a bunch of names when we were creating what would become WRITESHARE. We had in mind a network of writers made smarter and more effective in togetherness. These days, our name has taken on a significance we couldn’t have anticipated. We may not be able to gather, but we can still write, and we can still share. That’s the idea behind our first virtual happy hour, meeting this Friday afternoon at 5:30. Sign up on our website (for free), and you’ll get a link to join a Zoom meeting. We’ll start with introductions and asking everyone to share the ways they’ve gotten creative about their writing schedule and need for creativity during isolation. We’ll end with a writing prompt, and you’ll have a few days to send us your response. In an effort to maintain our community feel, we’ll share those responses so others can offer feedback.
  • March 27, 2020
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