Virtual Friday Starry Nights: “Birth Of Planet Earth”

Join Roper Mountain for a FREE members-only virtual Friday Starry Nights event from the comfort of your home. When you join the Zoom event, our planetarium specialist will take you on a 15-20 minute star talk and Q&A session, followed by the feature film, "Birth Of Planet Earth". “Birth of Planet Earth” tells the twisted tale of our planet’s origins. Scientists now believe that our galaxy is filled with solar systems, including up to a billion planets roughly the size of our own. The film employs advanced, data-driven, cinematic-quality visualizations to explore some of the greatest questions in science today: How did Earth become a living planet in the wake of our solar system’s violent birth? What does its history tell us about our chances of finding other worlds that are truly Earth-like? This FREE members-only event is on a first come, first serve basis and requires you to reserve your space by visiting
  • May 8, 2020
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