Upstate Swing Dance- NEW Clemson Edition

Upstate Swing is bringing our fun and simple flavor of Swing to the Clemson area. This is an excellent event to bring your two left-footed friends to. We will have a 30-minute partner rotating class starting at 7pm so if you have had lessons we can brush off the rust, help your friends learn faster or heck maybe you just want the chance to meet a couple more of the dancers in the Clemson area. We are dancing 7:30-10pm. Swing dancers in the Clemson Univ Leisure Skills classes. We know you spend 12 weeks smoothing out your basics yet you get frustrated with friends when they don't pick it up in 10-12 minutes. Don't lose your patience or frustrate them, send them our way at 8pm for the lesson Cost is $6 for the whole night, including the lesson. How about some throw back videos of Clemson past? What do the dances that we host look & feel like? End of the year party We can't wait to see you there! Paul Hoke & Ansley Meredith Hoke
  • October 28, 2020
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