Universal Life Energy: A Chakra Workshop

::Universal Life Energy:: This evening workshop will consist of teaching, sharing, learning and healing. Learn how to heal and grow spiritually with methods and techniques not offered by contemporary western medicine. This month our focus will consist of interactive learning with: the Chakras~ What are they and how do they affect us. Meditation~ Looking within ourselves to support personal growth and healing. Kundalini~ Our natural vital force and energy superpower. Reiki/Crystal/Stone Energy~ Help balance the spirit, relieve pain, and promote well being. Join us to gain insights into your own spiritual journey and connect with like minded individuals. This workshop will include your involvement! including exercises/activities, guided meditation, questions, and open discussions! Come with an open mind and open heart. Hosted by Kaylan & Johnny Magma of The Secret Cirkus - Doors at 8:45 - Event 9pm-11pm - Ages 18+ - $5 Donation Suggested Ninjaplex events on Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheNinjaplex/events Ninjaplex events on Google Calendar: http://theninjaplex.com/google/
  • March 31, 2018
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