Tuesday Tasting: ft “Pi-wi” passionfruit/kiwi sour

Get your tastebuds ready! This week’s Tuesday Tasting feature is brought to you by our amazing summer intern Emory Childress. Emory was our “Czar of fruit processing”, bottler extraordinaire and he helped enormously with our hop harvests and general farm maintenance. Emory is a fan of fruity, juicy, session sour beer. When asked to dream up his perfect beer, this is the result: ... This week’s ALE🍻: ... “Pi-wi” is a 4.5% abv barrel-aged golden session ale re-fermented with passion fruit and fresh kiwis. The refreshingly tart acidity of these tropical fruits float above the juicy, wheat-based golden sour for a highly sessionable tropical sour ale with high carbonation and bright aromatics. ... This week’s NIBLET 🧀 🍉 : ... The creamy mouthfeel of Piwi instantly drew us to the softer cheeses of our seasonal charcuterie fridge. It was an easy choice to go with soft-ripened French Brie cheese, so we built this tasting from there! For a little chewy sweetness we laid the cheese on a slice of salted whole fruit Bradford-watermelon jerky, and for a little spice we we selected a cut of mild, artisanal Black Angus Beef salami from Skinny Salamis. If you desire a little light crunch, we nestled this little popper on a crispy corn tortilla chip ( chip optional or on the side). We recommend popping the niblet and then washing it down with this week’s FREE tasting 😋 ... FREE 21+ Tuesday Tasting #AtTheBauern 6pm-9pm “Piwi” session sour w/ tasty niblet! ... #foodpairing #freetasting #craftbeer #beerporn #foodporn #experiment #cicerone #upstatefoodie #beerfromhere #wildale #certidiedSC #hyperlocal #electriccity #upstateSC #rusticrefined
  • By cvbizz
  • September 18, 2018
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