Trade Street Union

Enjoy some classics ? You'll love this :-) It was 1967 when Alan Cole and Danny White started their musical journey as members of a local band called “The Outcasts”. Over the next few years they would travel to 13 states entertaining people with the sounds of the top groups of the day. During this time, Mike Lynn was also starting on his musical journey with another local band called “The Rogues”. In the early 70’s, The Outcasts disbanded, and Danny was asked to join a newly formed band (with Mike) called “Zachariah”. This group would play and travel together over the next several years until life called them down different paths. The guys continued to play with different groups through the intervening years. In the fall of 2016, Danny, Mike and Alan decided it would be fun to get back together. They found their joint love of music and enjoyment of playing together had not changed. Reunited as “Trade Street Union”,they are once again enjoying playing the songs that have stood the test of time by some of the most influential songwriters and bands of their generation.
  • March 16, 2018
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