Toughman South Carolina

SWIM (Half): 1.2 Miles (Lake) BIKE (Half): 56 Miles RUN (Half): 13.1 Miles SWIM (International): 0.6 Miles (Lake) BIKE (International): 28 Miles RUN (International): 6.5 Miles TOUGHMAN South Carolina is a half iron distance and a quarter iron distance triathlon event featuring a lake swim and a point to point bike with the bike and run finishes in Uptown Greenwood. Uptown Greenwood is one of South Carolina's best kept secrets - and now our triathletes will get a chance to not only see Uptown Greenwood, but to race in the heart of the Emerald City's Main business district. The swim begins in the water that should be on the borderline of wetsuit and non-wetsuit legal. The course is a clockwise triangular loop that will be done once by the International athletes and twice by the half athletes. Athletes will start and finish at the stone staircase just below the Drummond Center. The brand new bike course now will head out of the park and start athletes on their journey toward the heart of Greenwood. The first 40 or so miles will roll along rural country roads that will be quiet and free from most traffic (all major roadways encountered during the 2017 and 2018 events have been eliminated). After the rural section of the course, athletes will begin to enter Greenwood City Limits just before encountering the transition area and Uptown Greenwood. Transition 2 will be staged adjacent to the Uptown Greenwood Fountain right next to Main Street. The run is an out and back 2-loop affair (One loop for the international) run mostly on a closed and paved running path called The Heritage Trail - part of the National Rails to Trails program. 100% of this run is closed to traffic. Aid stations are placed every mile and approximately 80% of the course is shaded. The entire run is on pavement and athletes finish adjacent to the transition area situated right beside Main Street Greenwood. Post Event, athletes will enjoy the normal festivities while also being able to enjoy Uptown Greenwood's host of restaurants and shops. Events #11 & 12 of the AAA Car Care South Carolina Triathlon Series
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  • November 19, 2018
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