The Yarn: “Pilgrimage”

November 2017 Theme: "Pilgrimage" Bring your stories about the journey. Whether a crazy college road-trip or a spiritual quest for enlightenment, share a tale about your pilgrimage. It's all happening at The Yarn. (KEEP READING FOR DETAILS) ---------------------------------- The Yarn: People Spinning True Life Stories Southerners tell the best stories. In fact, I would say we spin better yarns than anyone in the country. Inspired by The Moth and Spark London, "The Yarn" is an evening of true-life storytelling. And best of all, it's! Prepare a 5-6 minute yarn on our evening's theme. Then, come to M. Judson & put your name "in the hat" ... 8 storytellers will be picked at random to share with the audience! The only rules? 1.) It has to be largely TRUE, taking into account the exaggeration and shapeshifting that always happens with the good retelling of a story. 2.) It has to be a STORY. No poetry or novel excerpts, please. 3.) It has to be TOLD. No notes. No reading. 4.) It has to be ON TIME. Self-explanatory. The event is FREE, but we will be collecting donations (suggested $5-$10) for Greenville Wordsmiths, a nonprofit empowering kids ages 7-14 to discover & share their own stories through the craft of writing.
  • November 14, 2017
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