The White Trash Bash With The Steel City Jug Slammers @Tribble’s

Grab your mullet, daisy dukes and cowboy boots , and your sister as a plus one, because the first Tribble's "white trash bash" has arrived.. dress the part, because best costume wins a cash prize. This is going to be a Beer chugging, stump jumping Jesus take the wheel kind of night. We ain't going to stopping till the rooster crows.. then we gonna fry em. Music is provided by the mother chugging "steel city jug slammers" Don't miss it y'all.... This much demanded show returns to Tribble's Birmingham’s Steel City Jugs Slammers provide audiences with a one of kind experience. From the moment that they take the stage, spectators will immediately take a step back in time. From their appearance, to their instruments, to the old southern banter, this group has all the charm of a century-old traveling music show fresh off the train, and will keep your attention captive from the first time you hear the blow of the jug and pluck of the tub bass. -
  • April 4, 2018
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