The Lackies

Matt Morgan and David Sims have been playing music together since they met in middle school. In 2000, they formed the group 'The Lackies" and released their first album "Itch". The Lackies went on to release 2 more records and toured untill 2006 . In the years in which they were active, they had a wonderful roster of musicians joining them in recording and playing live shows, including Jeff Hook, Matthew Smith, Jef Chandler, Kris Hyatt, Kevin Latham, Jason Graydon, and Jeff Holland. In 2017, prompted by former member Jef Chandler, a reunion show was planned, and the current line up includes Matt Morgan(vocals/guitar) , David Sims(vocals/bass) , Jef Chandler(guitar), Troy Jones(drums, Sam Kruer (keys). There are plans to record a new album at Matt's Sit-N-Spin Studios.
  • August 16, 2018
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