The F*cking Pantera Cover Band @Tribble’s bar

The F*cking Pantera Cover Band is coming to Piedmont to the legendary Tribble's bar. It's the upstates home to hard hitting music and this show is no different. These guys are 10 year veterans to this gig and do it up right every time. The sound will be powered by Loud 'n' Proud per normal standards. Come see a night of tribute to the kings of Texas metal. Primal concrete vulgar display of the cowboys from hell. It is going to be an epic night of groove metal. 21+ $15 tickets (pre sale starting Feb 14th) SPOTS are limited for this show - SMOKE FREE VENUE 🚭 - 2 miles of interstate 85 and exit 35 - we are not alone 👽
  • March 29, 2021
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