Teach-in: Defund the Police, Invest in People

Join Upstate Black Lives Matter in coalition with the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination, Upstate Abolition Project, TCB Upstate, and Be That Chick for a two-part teach-in: Defund the Police, Invest in People. We cannot police our way to healthy and safe communities! In part one, we'll talk about police reform, demilitarization, and Greenville Police and Sheriff's Office budgets. And part two will focus on how we can reinvest the money from bloated police budgets into areas that sustain rather than harm Greenville's Black communities: education, low-income housing, healthcare, and reparations. This will be a socially distanced event, and we ask that you please wear your masks or face coverings! We will also be live-streaming the event for folks who are unable to attend.
  • August 1, 2020
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