Talking Theodore Roosevelt with Dr. AV Huff

Greenville Chautauqua begins our 2020 Season celebrating our 22-year community partnership with the Greenville County Library System. Our Library Talk Series, from January through May, is each about one of the historical figures that will appear in the 2020 History Comes Alive Festival Season, “Reinventing America.” All events are free and open to the public. Our first talk of the season is with Dr. A.V. Huff and is all Teddy Roosevelt, a man of many selves – naturalist, conservationist, writer, wilderness lover, big game hunter, ranchman, soldier, and politician. He was a gentleman of inherited wealth who tried to persuade America to end child labor, protect the unemployed, let women vote, and grant old-age pensions. He was the Rough Rider who won the Nobel Peace Prize – a lifelong politician and, on occasion, a statesman. At the height of his popularity, he stepped down from the Presidency. Four years later he bolted the Republican Party to challenge his hand-picked successor. In just over ninety days, he and his “Bull Moose” Party humbled a sitting president and decisively beat a party that had dominated national politics for forty years. This Series is a chance to join an audience that loves to talk back to history. You ask questions, engage in dialogue, share experiences, and get inspired to further explore the characters’ histories during the upcoming live performances. Enjoy this chance to engage in discussion with an historical expert on the storied life of one of our Season’s cast of famous Americans. Reminder: This event is a discussion NOT an in-character performance. In Winter Chautauqua, Feb 1 – 2, Teddy Roosevelt will be performed by Doug Mishler from Reno, NV. #GreenvilleChatauqua #Chautauqua #HistoryComesAlive #WinterChautauqua #ReinventingAmerica #TeddyRoosevelt #YeahThatGreenville #GreenvilleCountyLibrary
  • January 14, 2020
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