Tacos & Bla Bla Bla Food Truck

Special Note: Terry Merritt, the Mauldin Mayor, has asked if our neighborhood could have a food drive to be picked up Saturday morning for the Center for Community Services. We will be taking donations all day Friday. A box will be placed in front of the Clubhouse entrance and you can drop off at any time Friday morning or evening. Menu (abbreviated): Tacos- 3 for $7.50 choose meat, flour/tortilla, toppings Burrito or quesadilla- $7.50 Mulita- $3.50 Torta (mex sandwich)- $10 Also: Taco bowls, nachos, bla bla fries Sides: mex rice, blk beans, fries, Mex St Corn Meats: Carne Asasa(steak), seasoned chx, ground beef, suadera (chipped beef), shredded pork carnitas, Al pastor (marinated pork grilled w pineapple), barbacoa (brisket), chorizo, lenqua (cow tonque), milanesa (fried chx), chipotle chx, bbq chx, fish, shrimp Vegitarean options provided *All handmade tortillas are Gluten Free
  • May 22, 2020
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