T. Graham Brown

The inimitable T. Graham Brown began his musical journey in 1973 while attending the University of Georgia in his hometown of Athens. T. Graham Brown has hit the Billboard, Cash Box & Christian music charts 35 times with hits such as "I Tell It Like It Used To Be", self-penned "Hell and High Water," & "Darlene." Also, he wrote the multiple award winning song, "Wine Into Water," which has been recorded over 100 times by artists all over the world & most recently by country super star Loretta Lynn on her critically acclaimed album, "Full Circle." T. Graham Brown has performed on the iconic stage of the Grand Ole Opry hundreds of times, & he maintains a busy touring schedule all over the U.S. & Europe. He'll tell you with a grin, "I’ve got a band & a bus & I’ll keep taking the music to the people as long as God lets me. It's what I love to do!”
  • August 14, 2020
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