Stop. Look. Listen (Free Training Class)


February 16


02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Event Website

Greenville County Animal Care

328 Furman Hall Rd

Greenville, SC, United States, 29609

Most often, the toughest thing you will experience is getting your dog to focus on you and practice self-control when overexcited. This class is designed as a “how to” for dog training fundamentals and as a blueprint for problem solving & training success. Using positive reinforcement, reward based dog training techniques, and leadership skills, Dina will help you and your pup hone the skills to settle down and choose the appropriate behavior during excitement and with distractions. Polite dog behavior is the goal for this class. Dogs are welcome to attend.

Dina Bradshaw, Pepper Dog Training-
Dina uses a force-free positive training methodology that focuses on rewards and humane leadership skills to promote trust, communication, and a joyful relationship with your dog.

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