Starting a family farm on 1-5 acres

Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 9am-12pm This class is an overview of all aspects to consider on starting a farm for dairy, meat, and poultry. You will learn about fences, shelters, feeders. Nutrition for chickens, ducks and small ruminants-goats and sheep. How and why to have Livestock guardian dogs and/or herding dogs. Livestock Healthcare to include basic information about internal and external parasite problems and first aid. How to milk sheep and goats- techniques, differences, hand and machine milking, equipment- for personal use or starting a small farm business or dairy. Additional information about the products you can generate- dairy, meat, wool, and other. We need more sheep dairies in our area. We would buy the milk! Lamb sales are up! If you want to purchase livestock after taking our class, we can set you up with chickens, goats, sheep and even Livestock Guardian pups (if we have any left!) that we have for sale and continue to mentor you through your journey! The fee is $50. To sign up, email me or text. We have a cheese making class in the afternoon from 2-4pm. The following Saturday's (1/18) class will cover- what to expect when you're expecting baby goats and lambs- so much fun and those that take these classes can volunteer on the farm during the time when babies are born and the dairy is in full swing.
  • January 11, 2020
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