On an especially warm summer night, a group of church musicians ignited an impromptu jam session. Song was born, and the rest is history! The longtime friends and collaborators combine vast musical experiences to create a sound all their own. Classically trained, they are also well versed in jazz, pop, blues, soul, rock and of course, gospel! The band includes: Shelia Roundtree, bandleader and pianist; Marshall Bennett, keyboards, synthesizer, organ; Aaron Bowen, keyboards, synthesizer, organ, talk box; David Lanik, guitar; Evan Jacobi, alto saxophone; Craig Sorrells, vocals and trumpet; Robert Brockman, electric and acoustic bass; Kirayah Spell, drums and percussion; Teresa Chamblee, Freddie Smith, Coco, Josh Benson and Copper Williams, vocals. Song is known for riveting vocals and red hot instrumental solos, and the stage show and set list are always a big surprise. We never know what Song will do next, but we know we are going to love it!
  • April 4, 2018
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