“Silent Disco” Nighttime Neon Dance Walking in Falls Park/Downtown GVL

Register here: https://www.nectarcommunity.com/gvl-events/dance-walking-sept5 watch this! xoxox https://vimeo.com/445250732 Join us for an evening of joyful exercise, and a groovy good time, dance walking in Downtown Greenville. Yes! Dance walking looks silly, but it is the most fun, ever! Yes! People will look at you, and they’ll be admiring your courage and be inspired by your joy. No! You do not need to be a good dancer. You literally cannot do this wrong. Yes! All genders are welcome (if registered) Here’s how it will work…. Because of Covid-19, we ask that this event is only open to registered adults (we have to keep the numbers down, also thanks for leaving the kids at home for this event). Each participant will be required to practice excellent 6 ft physical distancing, plus masks if at all possible. If you cannot legitimately wear a mask for medical reasons, please keep a 10-12 ft distance from other participants, thank you! We want to have a great time, and we also want to keep our community safe in this time. If you are experiencing any symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory issues etc) related to either COVID-19 or seasonal illnesses, please stay home. We will have one time use masks and hand sanitizer available as well, for anyone who needs it. We’ll meet at the corner of W McBee and River st (where Richardson st turns into River st), get all set up, and dance walk our way down to Falls Park and back. There will not be a gathering or afterparty, after we return. We’re basically doing this together but independently. We can join in as a community without being close together. We can do this! We’ll create a playlist for all of us to dance to on Spotify, and send you the link (and the list of song titles) the day before. If you don’t use Spotify, but prefer to make your own playlist, that works too! Even a free Spotify account will work, the playlist will play on shuffle and you might have ads, but it is still free. Included in your registration is a handful of neon glow stick bracelets and necklaces. You’re welcome to wear your own light up gear. This is a gift from us to you, we don’t need them back at the end. Here’s what you need to bring… ***Your own set of headphones/earbuds and a way to access a music playlist (iPod, cell phone etc) (it is a silent disco, you’ll be listening to the same playlist, but not out loud, as to not disturb businesses etc.) ***A face covering (mask, bandana, etc, to cover your mouth and nose) ***Good walking/dancing shoes ***It’s fun when we wear black clothes to make the neon stand out more, but that’s 100% up to you ***Your own water and personal items Still no idea what dance walking is? No worries! It is literally dancing while walking! Here’s a great video for you to get an idea of what this might be like…. (imagine masks and distancing and glow sticks in there too!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib3Duz_6a9M
  • September 5, 2020
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