Running Biomechanics Workshop

In this 1 hour free workshop, physical therapists from Purposed Physical Therapy will be coming to Fleet Feet to discuss the biomechanics of running and how to avoid common running errors that cause running injuries. Everyone that attends this workshop will get a lifetime promotional rate for 3D Running Analysis at Purposed Physical Therapy. This 3D Running Analysis Software is the same used to analyze Professional and Olympic level runners. The data captured produces an individualized 15-30 page detailed report given to runners to help overcome current or past running injuries, decrease risk of future running injuries, improve running PRs, and maximize running form & efficiency. TOPICS: -Quick break down of correct running form and the analytics of running. -Break down and categorize the most common running form errors that cause the most common running injuries. -Demonstrate on a workshop participate our running specific movement screen. We use this screen in the clinic to assess if a runner has adequate joint mobility, muscle flexibility, strength, motor control, and balance needed for running. -Show and explanation of what correct and incorrect running form appears like under 3D Running Analysis. -Perform exercises on how to overcome common running form errors. SPEAKERS: -Dr. Thomas Denis, PT, DPT and Dr. James Denis, PT, DPT are both physical therapist and sport rehabilitation experts who are specialized in 3D Running Analysis. Both have experience with Olympic, Professional, Collegiate, and Youth Sport Athletes of various sports. Purposed Physical Therapy: Fleet Feet: 3D Running Analysis:
  • December 18, 2019
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