Rich Blough

Visit Artist Facebook: Rich Blough currently lives in Easley SC with his wife Monique and three children; Brittany, Jordan and Meagan. He was born and raised in rural Lancaster County PA. From an early age, Rich had a fascination with pushing buttons. Behind every button was a surprise awaiting. He naturally fell in love with the piano because it has 88 keys or "buttons". Early on, many of Rich's teachers had an influence on him because of their gift of playing the piano. One Saturday night when Rich was in second grade, a concert pianist came to his church. Rich was touched deeply by the pianist music. From that night on his greatest desire was to touch other people through his music. Rich credits the grace of God in his life and knows that the talent that he has, has been granted to him, from the Lord, through prayer as a child. In high school he won state competition performing his own arrangements and even placed third in a national competition. His last year and a half of high school he studied piano with the late, Julia Benfer which was a former concert pianist and worked and knew pianist like Rubenstein and Vladimir Horowitz. Early on in his career he has accompanied many local southern gospel groups. He has also touched others lives through his music as a solo concert pianist in many states in the southeast of the United States. He has played piano for many South Carolina Baptist State Conferences. Since 2009 Rich has traveled the world via the cruise industry playing to crowds of many nations. In total, Rich has been to over 50 countries by cruising. It is Rich's desire to touch your life through the music that has inspired and touched his life. You can watch his performances on YouTube or stop by the store and purchase his music.
  • December 7, 2017
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