Reach Out and Really Engage New Prospects On LinkedIn

How to Reach Out and Engage New Prospects on LinkedIn How is your digital game? In the new world, being good online is more important than ever. You may well be making your first, second, and third touch to a new prospect using social media. If you are in the business world, whether for career or sales prospecting, knowing how to effectively use LinkedIn is a powerful advantage. Here's something most people don't tell you. It does NOT take hours a day to be effective at LinkedIn. If you are focused, and know the right ways to approach people, you can make this work in minutes rather than hours. How do you use LinkedIn to reach out? Who do you reach out to? How do you get yourself known as the right person to connect to on LinkedIn? That's what we've got Richard Bliss to tell us. Richard is not just OUR go to resource on LinkedIn. He is everybody's source of actionable information. Richard Bliss was recently named one of the top voices in sales on LinkedIn. This is what LinkedIn said when they recommended him: What he talks about : Bliss shares videos and posts with the goal of helping members develop a digital identity focused around LinkedIn. He wants senior executives to know that, “their voice needs to be part of the overall marketing mix for any organization.” How sharing impacts his career : “All of my business currently comes through LinkedIn,” Bliss said. “I have new contacts every week who reach out … looking for a very specific approach to helping their executives and their sales teams learn how to [more effectively] use LinkedIn.” Join us for the Tech After Five Digital Dive with Richard Bliss. It's online learning with focused networking. You WILL get your questions answered and a chance to talk with other professionals about what you learned. What you don't know is that your online efforts are a force multiplier right now. Busy Professionals are paying attention online more than ever. It's quite possible you could triple or quadruple the payback of your efforts. Now is the time to start. Come learn with us. Richard Bliss has recently been recognized as one of the LinkedIn’s Top Voices for 2019, ranking #8 in the world for Sales. Having worked with many of the largest tech companies in the industry, including NetApp, CenturyLink, TechData, CDW, and Microsoft, he is a dynamic speaker and teacher who helps sales teams master the language of social selling. He teaches sales teams how to connect with their customers in a disconnected world. Want to know more about this new event? Check out the podcast about it! What is a Digital Dive? It’s a fast paced, multi part, online experience. It’s a chance to connect with fascinating presenters and each other. Online. First off, we’re going to create an online networking space. It’s not quite like meeting people face to face, but it’s a little bit like that. Instead of standing in a lunch line and chatting up the people ahead of you, behind you, and at your table, we’re going to use the breakout rooms feature in Zoom to create small groups. You’ll get a chance to introduce yourself and meet new people as well as reconnect with those you’ve been missing. Secondly, we’re going to have awesome presenters who will deliver quick, engaging, and even inspiring presentations. We are limiting the presentations to 15 minutes. We want you learning not squirming. After the presentation, there will be the opportunity for you to get your questions answered in a moderated discussion. Because we’ll be using Zoom, you will hear every question and every answer — plus we’ll be recording it so you can play it back later! Thirdly, there is going to be the opportunity to showcase your skills and needs much like we did at the lunches. This is going to be fun. But for you to participate, you’re going to need to have your camera turned on. Ok, so it’s time to sign up. Do that by using the button. You worried? Fear not. I am so convinced we will have a good time that I’m offering a money back guarantee. The Digital Dives will be fun, useful, and engaging. If they aren’t, you get your money back. This is no ordinary, boring webinar. You’re going to learn. You’re going to be engaged. You’re going to connect. I promise. Ready to learn? Ready to connect? Ready to do something completely new? Click the button.
  • June 17, 2020
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