Quit Your Day Job Tour

Tickets: $7 per person $10 for 2 people. JC Ratliff is a Knoxville TN based comedian and producer of comedy shows. His comedy combines social commentary and rapid-fire vitriolic rants, re-branding the solemn as absurd along the way. A mix of half recovering punk rocker making fun of the world he sees and half new father with a love of storytelling, the result creates a unique blend of unpredictable shows. JC has toured extensively throughout the the last 5 years, first beside Matt Ward and Grady Ray in the 2012 Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour and then for the last few years as a founding member of The Deadbeats of Comedy (a comedy collective of likeminded comedians). An avid podcaster for many years, he is the co-host of The Bone’s Lair Comedy Podcast. JC’s producer credits include Spike Collar Comedy, Old City Comedy, and the 2015 Old City Comedy Competition. He has performed at the Scruffy City Comedy Festivals from 2014-2016, BLANKfest 2015 and 2016, What A Joke Festival 2017, Altercation Punk Comedy Festival 2016, and the Cola Comedy Convention 2017. JC has opened for comics such as Doug Stanhope, Corey Ryan Forrester, Derek Sheen, Tim Northern, Ahmed Bharoocha, Carlos Valencia, Ryan Singer, Krish Mohan, Shane Mauss, Andrew Andrist, and Junior Stopka. He was named “Knoxville’s Finest Comedian” 2015 and 2016 by BLANK Magazine. His debut album Hope Is A Virus is currently available on iTunes. John Gibson - The Godfather of Columbia comedy, John has helped build and grow their local scene for the last several years starting with the red door tavern, and then making the new brookland tavern as one of the hubs for comedy in the area but also Tapps Art Center and Pearls Bar where touring and local Comics showcase their craft. Coming off of not only the first and amazing cola comedy fest, but also recorded his first full length album “Cis-white tales” (available now), and is back on the road tearing up the southern part of the country with long time road dog JC Ratliff. Andy Cummins - the TR Titan, starting his comedy career as a local open mic comedian and then over the course of his career he has toured extensively over the eastern and mid west with various comics both local and touring Comics, he has been not only a feature but has also a headliner at the comedy zone both here and Charlotte. Andy was also featured at the 1sr annual Cola Comedy Fest that both JC Ratliff and John Gibson (read his bio again kids) were also a part of. Adam Schulte - hailing from Morgantown WV by way of Greenville SC. For the last 5+ years since moving to the area, Adam has been booking and promoting shows as a founding member of stone grown comedy, and has recently recorded his 2nd full length album “coffee and triggerettes” (available soon), and is currently working on his 3rd album. Travis Thuband - Travis is a local greenville Comic who will be hosting the show, and he will more than likely be letting you know his thoughts about life but also his relationship with butter. LOCAL COMICS - contact stone grown comedy for a special, Comics only deal for every show we work on.
  • November 15, 2017
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