Qoya – with Sara Ballard (Online)

Register online here! https://www.nectarcommunity.com/online-classes/qoya-sara-jun11 ___________________________________________________________________ Join Sara Ballard for our weekly Qoya class, ONLINE! Qoya is movement as medicine. It is based on this simple idea : through movement we remember. We remember, that our physical essence is Wise, Wild, and Free. Wise Wild, and Free also draw reference to the movement forms practiced in a Qoya class. Wise: inspired by the wisdom of yoga Wild: reclaiming your true nature through the creative expression in dance Free: the freedom to feel pleasure in the body through feminine movement In Qoya, you dance and feel free, connect with yourself AND with everyone else! There is no other experience like it! There are no special skills required, just the desire to move, and feel good! We move and stretch the entire body, listen to great music, and seek the pleasure in the movement! But Qoya is soooooooo much more than dancing, and good music. It is a way of living in your fullest expression of who you are. It is a way to tap into yourself, to remember and then honor your wholeness. Using Movement as metaphor, what would it feel like to literally and figuratively expand your heart? What would it feel like to be able to receive more, give more, and find pleasure in your day, your relationships, your business? Qoya is an access tool, a map to help you come home to your body, where truth is available at all times. Welcome to Qoya. The intention of this class is to create and hold sacred space for those identifying as women/transfeminine/gender expansive to freely express themselves through movement, regardless of gender assigned at birth. If you desire a Qoya class but aren't sure if this is the class for you, please contact us at info@nectarcommunity.com. Want more information about what a Qoya class looks like, please visit www.qoya.love Drop In Rate is $15 Join our Online Community for only $33/month (on annual contract)right now! ALL online classes included in your Online Membership! More online classes added every day! ***This is a Nectar Community Class, members receive this class as part of their membership.
  • June 11, 2020
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