Protecting Pangolins + Preventing Pandemics

“What is a Pangolin?” This highly endangered species has been pushed to the brink by climate change, poaching and wildlife trafficking. It has now found itself caught up in a pandemic, suspected of being one of the host animals of the COVID-19 virus. Join media and wildlife experts Damien Mander, (IAPF - International Anti Poaching Foundation -, Akashinga - Nature Protected by Women), Ulrico Grech-Cumbo (Habitat XR) & Wendy Panaino (Tswalu Kalahari Foundation) to learn how and why we should protect this beautiful creature, and all animals around the world in order to protect ourselves. **** Every day on from 1-2pm CT on 22-27 April, #EarthXR will host a panel about the cross-section between #XR, environmental impact & our current realities - part of the EarthxFilm 2020 - A Festival Reimagined with EarthxFilm & EarthX. Check out more immersive panels here -
  • April 25, 2020
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