Pocket Vinyl’s World Record Tour comes to Greenville, SC!


March 4 - 11:30 pm


March 5 - 02:30 am

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The Radio Room

110 Poinsett Highway

Greenville, SC, United States, 29609

Presented by RØDE Microphones http://www.rode.com/

Pocket Vinyl, the unique piano/painting duo from CT, are setting out for their most ambitious tour to date: to breaking the world record for “Fastest to Play a Concert in Each of the 50 States”.

Their live show consists of a one man piano band performing song songs about death, sex, theology, and looking fear right in the face while a painter creates a masterpiece on stage, which is then auctioned off after the show. They’re one of the most intriguing and engaging acts you’ll ever see in a bar, coffee shop, or basement.

They’ll make 50 paintings. Play (roughly) 350 songs on stage. Drive over 16,000 miles in Dr. Periwinkle (their blue 2003 Toyota Camry). And you’re welcome to be a part of it. Come get a painting and form a good memory.

To listen to “Uncomfortably Unsure”, their album of non-sexy songs about sex, head here: https://pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/uncomfortably-unsure-full-length-album

To watch a stop animation dance video, head here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdp3eU1tkhs

To watch a sped up music video of Elizabeth painting, head here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn5gc1WkoPE&t

Or just put “Pocket Vinyl” in Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, or Google and click on all of the buttons.

Come be a part of this crazy event! See you there.

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