Pi Day Bake Off #AtTheBauern

3.14 is Pi day, so we are having Pie day! Our fabulous bauerntender Hannah has orchestrated this pie bake-off competition with some great prizes AND the winning pie will get to brew a beer inspired by the pie and dedicated to its baker! Like and share the event and stay tuned for entry details! How to enter: 1.) 30 contenders will be accepted. 2.) Each contender should bring 2-3 pies (of the same type) 3.) Contenders should arrive before 6pm to set up their tasting station. Tables, description cards and serving ware will be provided at each station. What’s at stake?: Two Awards!!! 1.) People’s Choice~ Receives the largest number of tasting tickets. Winner gets a custom engraved People’s Choice Pi-day pie server and a $50 Carolina Bauernhaus gift certificate. 2.) Brewers Choice~ Voted on exclusively by our expert panel of brewers and Cicerone certified beer servers. Winner gets a custom engraved Brewer’s Choice Pi-day pie server, $25 gift certificate, and their recipe will be immortalized as a beer they get to help brew and name! Voting ends at 8 pm followed by awards ceremony. How to eat all the pies?!: 1. Purchase 20 tasting tickets for $10 as you enter the brewery. 2. Each tasting ticket gets you a scoop of pie to sample AND counts as a vote! 3. The entrant with the most tickets at the end of the competition (8pm) will be crowned the People’ Choice Pi-Day winner! Voting begins at 6:30pm sharp. Register by sending an email to david@carolinabauernhaus.com with “Pie Day Registration” in the title. We will be accepting 30 entrants. Each entrant should bring 2-3 pies of the same making. Pies will be judged on taste, appearance, authenticity and creativity. Gooooooood Luck Bakers! 🍻🥧
  • March 14, 2018
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