Old Fashioned Pig Pickin’

Join us for an old fashioned pig pickin' on Saturday, July 18th! Cooking whole hogs has been a tradition in South Carolina since Native Americans were doing it. Our method improves upon the old barbecue techniques by smoking the hog low and slow for 12-14 hours. The shoulder, neck and belly meat is then pulled and combined to create what we know as pulled pork. Once the hog is cooked, an event known in the South as a pig pickin’ is held. We invite you to join us for this cultural tradition, and customers can purchase to-go from the comfort of their vehicle, or, grab a plate and enjoy the museum grounds while picnicking. All proceeds go towards the museum’s mission of furthering agricultural education in South Carolina. Due to the quick sell out of supplies last time, we will only be accepting pre-paid orders for this Pig Pickin'! Prices: 1 lb bulk bbq - $13 Slaw and beans bulk - $5/pint Plates including both sides and a drink - $10 SPECIALS: Half rack of ribs - $12 Full rack of ribs - $20 To pre-order and pre-pay for the pig pickin, call Andrew at 864-617-9306.
  • July 18, 2020
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