Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Attraction 2019

2019 Haunt Season is near and Nightmare Dungeon has definitely stepped up their game this year with a total new section of the tour of the 2 story cabin in the woods, all new floor plan and tour route that makes the visit here at Nightmare Dungeon even longer than before and best of all... there are NO TOUR GUIDES, that’s right, you have to find your own way through this terror filled attraction with over 4000 square foot of nothing but in your face terror. This year we’ve even added more actors along with a new entrance and exit and wait till you see what’s at the exit !!! This year Nightmare Dungeon opens its doors ON FRIDAY 13TH IN SEPTEMBER and you can’t miss this night because it’s going to be a tad different because Jason Voorhees will be all in your face doing WHAT EVER HE WANTS to you and your friends during your visit here on this night and he has lots of things planned for all of you ! For those of you who don’t know about this place, it’s a 115 year old 2 Story Cabin with more attached buildings. There is real haunted history about this location and during your visit here you will be greeted in some type of way at some point here, old man bridges can’t stand the idea that we are using his old estate and allowing strangers to visit his home and trust us he will brush you in some type of way while you’re here at some point! We open on Sept 13th and open EVERY single night until Nov 3rd RAIN OR MOONSHINE we got you covered ! That’s right... we’re even open in the rain and yes we have shelter and don’t worry we’re all indoor here so you won’t be getting all muddy. Go visit for more info. Located at 645 Old Anderson Rd Greenville S.C. Tickets are $30 per Adult and $25 10 and under. SHARE THIS EVENT AND TAG YOUR FRIENDS! THIS SEASON IS GOING TO BE EPIC !
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  • September 17, 2019
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