Mindful Monday with Our World Festival

We are hosting Mindful Monday November 27th 6:30-8pm at ZEN in Greenville, SC. What better way to bring more mindfulness into your week, than to network, meditate, and celebrate with a diverse group of like-minded people! Our short meditation introduction lead by JE Bradley, will cleanse your busy pallette and awaken your senses to the present moment. We incoporate Aromatherapy, Visual Lighting, and Ambient Healing Music to enhance your experience. Our goals are to provide a holistic approach to Create Focus, Inspire Creativity, and Motivate You with the Rhythms of Life. We begin with a special selection of instruments founded in the basic elements: Mahābūta- sanskrit for Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. After each interactive section, everyone adds their piece to a new mandala created by the group. Basic instruction is always provided for newcomers, and we provide professional quality drums and percussion for everyone to use. Feel free to bring your own personal instruments if you wish. The experiences created at these events are magical, inspirational, and motivational for everyone who has attended. This event received some of the best praises we've ever heard! "I feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and soooo inspired. I want to do this every day!" "Days later, I'm still feeling the joy I found on Mindful Mondays." "This experience was truly amazing! Very Holistic! Very Mindful!" "It's exactly what I needed, but didn't know I needed it!" We have to limit the number of participants to 50 to help create an intimate circle space, where the holistic experience can be felt by all. We ask that any children planning to attend be accomianied closely by an adult, and that that are respectful to others by listening, focusing, and participating with the group dynamics. Sacred space is created when the power of the group supercedes the power of an individual. There will be a crescendo throughout the event that progresses to a celebratory Facilitated Interactive Rhythm Experience as a finále. This event is free to attend. Donations are graciously appreciated. Sponsored by Our World Festival and Zen.
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  • November 27, 2017
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