Mike Gardner

One Winter in the mid 80's, a woman in an Indiana trailer park named Ranzella gave birth to a 10 lb baby not knowing he was destined for greatness! Mike Gardner was raised the only boy in a family of hormonal and menstrual hell. He quickly learned how to make people laugh to keep from getting his ass kicked when he found himself the only white dude on his pee wee football team at 10. Since then, comedy has taken him out of the trailer park, and Mike has become a national staple on the comedy scene quickly rising through the ranks and headlining at comedy clubs at just 25 years old. After achieving a childhood dream by appearing on the Bob and Tom Show, Mike has also appeared on WGN, FOX, MTV, and his first DVD special was produced by and aired on Comcast Xfinity television. Now working on his 2nd comedy special to be aired in Summer 2019, after being on tour with comedy superstars Katt Williams, Steve-O, and Rodney Carrington. His early comedy influences come from what made him laugh: his mother, Gary Owen, Jeff Foxworthy, Chris Rock, and Don Rickles. Mike Gardner's live show mixes a lot of observational takes on everything from hillbillies to middle aged black women... along with audience involvement. Mike is a true crowd entertainer, never to disappoint! As eloquently once said by John Witherspoon (Pops from the Friday movies), "Mike is one funny ass white boy"
  • By cvbizz
  • September 30, 2019
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