Meriwether Lewis: A Virtual Chautauqua

Get ready for the most famous Road Trip in American history – the Lewis & Clark Expedition! Captain Meriwether Lewis takes the Chautauqua audience on the Greatest Adventure of his life – up the Missouri, across the Rockies, to the end of Land. It’s a journey into the unknown – more unknown than the moon was to the astronauts – at a time when nothing moved faster than a horse. Nationally acclaimed historical interpreter Ken Johnston creates a compelling portrayal that reveals Meriwether Lewis not only as a brilliant commander, dedicated scientist, consummate frontiersman and savvy businessman, but also as a troubled soul. This FREE online event is hosted by the Spartanburg County Libraries. Register to reserve space @ #GreenvilleChautauqua #HistoryComesAlive #ReinventingAmerica #Chautauqua
  • July 13, 2020
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