Mac McCloud CD Release Party at Gottrocks

Article by Dan Armonaitis I’ve known Greenville-based musician Mac McCloud for quite some time, having written a feature on him for another Upstate publication sometime in the early 2000s. McCloud has always struck me as a truly genuine guy who approaches music with an uncommon degree of sincerity, so when he told me about a new recording he recently released, I was anxious to hear it. “My Heart is Sinking” is a six-song EP that McCloud recorded at Sit-n-Spin Recording Studios in Greenville with engineers Matt Morgan and John Martin, and it’s loaded with the type of vintage blues that McCloud has been delivering for decades. Half of the tunes are performed solo acoustic, while the others feature backing from members of the popular Upstate band Zataban — Frank Wilkie on bass, Tez Sherard on drums and Kym MacKinnon on guitar — along with Rickey Godfrey, who often plays with the group, on piano. The release kicks off with the traditional “Frankie and Johnny Boogie,” a hi-octane jump blues instrumental that quickly establishes McCloud’s musical vision and the obvious skill with which he and the other musicians play. It’s a fun musical romp that’s filled with an undercurrent of soul that’s even better represented in McCloud’s vocal performances on the other tracks. Other cover songs on the EP include sparkling solo acoustic takes on Eric Bibb’s “Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down,” Robert Lockwood Jr.’s “Can’t Stand the Pain” and, most impressively, Charlie Rich’s “Feel Like Going Home.” The latter track shows that McCloud fully grasps the connection between soulful country and straightforward blues, and I was especially mesmerized by the vocal performance which McCloud delivers with a world-weary authenticity that transforms it into a something that felt as if it was his own song. McCloud does, in fact, deliver two original tunes on the EP: the self-penned title track, which is a slow-burning Chicago blues-style number, and a co-write with MacKinnon, “Henry the VIII,” that features some outstanding interplay between McCloud on guitar and Godfrey on piano. available for digital streaming and purchase at and on CD in store at Horizon Records in Greenville or at upcoming performances by McCloud, which include this CD release party at Gottrocks . The Band will feature Franklin Wilkie on bass, Tez Sherad on drums and Kym MacKInnon on guitar.
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  • April 15, 2019
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