LOZ – Red Arrow Concert Series

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February 7


08:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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Red Arrow Studio

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Red Arrow Studio

2345 Sandifer Blvd

Westminster, SC, United States, 29693

L.O.Z. (Elle Oh Zee) exists at the confluence of genres. Where eclectic musical streams meet to create a thread of timeless pop music that draws on the past while opening paths to the future. Featuring four “core members” (the Dab4), Elle Oh Zee writes #StonerPop that appeals to devotees of a variety of music. From beat-driven hip-hop to sun-drenched acoustic songs, L.O.Z.’s originals run the gamut and are the result of four voraciously curious musical minds and a shared desire to write catchy, singable, and, ultimately, timeless songs.


Become Alive is the newest EP from Elle Oh Zee (the L.O.Z. band). An attempt to fit an LP’s worth of sonic adventures into an EP’s run time, Become Alive features 5 “proper songs” woven together by 7 interludes. Whether you want to loop your favorite 3 minute song or get lifted and enjoy the entire 30 minute aural journey, Become Alive will satisfy a wide range of musical tastes. Recorded at SnS. Mixed by B. Jarvis. Mastered by (BLANK) Featuring “That Girl” and “Smoke & Mirrors”.


“Smoke and Mirrors” – “We see right through/we see it clearer…” The first “proper song” of the EP finds Elle Oh Zee driving along with a churning but funky minor groove. Touching on themes of individualism and earnestness it features a winding, harmonized riff as its centerpiece and gets the EP off to a powerful start.

“That Girl” – “Boy I caught you looking…” The L.O.Z.’s riff on the classic devotional, this song features an awesome guest spot from Kelly Jo (Phat Lip). Also of note, Brandon Galliard’s funky low-end and Matthew Jennings keyboard nastiness.

“Mountains Bring Us Together” – “Never got enough, no…” Perhaps the most straight ahead rocker on the EP this song features guest vocals from Doug Jones and Kelly Jo. A simple but evocative story develops over the course of the song. It ends with burst of rollicking surf-rock esque energy.

“Lion On the Beach” – “We are lions/lions…” This song is an ode to Folly Beach/the beauty and joys of the southeastern coast. With a scavenger’s hunt worth of Folly locations mentioned you’ll find yourself daydreaming of afternoons at the Washout while enjoying this groovy tune.

“Become Alive” – “Plant your feet firmly on the ground…” The EP’s final proper song is also the thematic capstone. Exhorting the world to fully embrace the reality we share and make the most of our collective existence. From its opening riff to expansive final chorus, this song encapsulates much of the #StonerPop sound. An anthem for those who want to make a positive change to this ever more chaotic world.

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