Jef Chandler and Mike Bagwell at New Groove

Join us with Jef Chandler and Mike Bagwell for live indoor music from 8-11 pm. Here's more on the member of The Bad Popes: Jef Chandler is an eclectic singer/songwriter from Greenville, SC, whom Mike Miller of The State in Columbia describes as a writer who records “exquisite stories told with a clarity of insight and a wry sense of humor.” A founding member of the bands Big Brown Bowl and The Bad Popes, Chandler has released eight albums since 1995, and he has toured the southeast over the past two decades, playing festivals and clubs. Adept at the art of the hook, Chandler writes memorable melodies in well-crafted songs, many of which have found radio airplay on stations throughout the US and Europe. Of Chandler’s tunes, Genevieve Will at remarks that they are “[strangely] successful not only in merging country, rock, down-home blues, jam and pop, but also in tailoring . . . lyrics and tone to fit individual songs’ separate styles.” His songs have received radio airplay on independent radio programs around the world, with the song Empire of Idle Thoughts making the European Indie Country charts in March of 2004. Currently, Jef is playing club gigs and festivals in the southeast as a solo artist and mixing it up with various bands, including The Electrolytes, The Lackies and The Bad Popes, who released their third CD Rounders in June 2015 and are at work on a 4th. Mike Bagwell -- It's hard to find anyone who doesn't appreciate the talent of Mike Bagwell when he plays a pedal steel. Mike started playing pedal steel (a very difficult instrument to play in the first place, in that it requires the use of both your feet, both your hands, and your knees moving in harmony) at a very early age when he started playing on his father's pedal steel. His father had played shows with many famous musicians, including Ronny Milsap. By the time he was a teenager, Mike was playing in honky tonks and bars in upstate South Carolina and in the mountains of North Carolina. A tireless performer, Mike has performed on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, and he has played with such acts as Aaron Tippen, Kevn Kinney, and Randy Travis in his days. He has also recorded on hundreds of gospel, country, rock, and even punk tracks over the years. When he is not enjoying his time with his family, Mike divides his time between his musical endeavors and remodeling vintage amplifiers. For more on Jef please visit and
  • February 25, 2018
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