In conversation with Minrose Gwin “Promise”

Join us at 6:30pm in conversation with Minrose Gwin, author of Promise, one of the picks for our Southern Lit bookclub this season. Based on the true story of a catastrophic tornado that struck Tupelo, MS at the height of the Great Depression, Promise begins in the aftermath of terrific devastation. Half of Tupelo has been leveled, and some two hundred people counted dead—not including the unmeasured loss from the African-American community. This story of racial divide, good and evil, loss and hope, unfolds from two female perspectives, one black and one white, to offer a sympathetic and affecting portrait of events now mostly lost to history. Lindsey Jones, editor of Edible Upcountry and leader of M. Judson's Southern Lit bookclub, will be on hand with questions for Minrose, who grew up in Tupelo amongst family legends and lore about the tornado. We look forward to hearing her story behind this story. Minrose is also the author of the novel The Queen of Palmyra, the memoir Wishing for Snow, and several other scholarly works. She lives in Chapel Hill and Albuquerque, New Mexico. This event is completely free!
  • March 17, 2018
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