In Conversation with Mayor Knox White and John Boyanoski

M.Judson is very excited to host the re-release of the book Reimagining Greenville and a special In Conversation with author John Boyanoski and our Mayor, Knox White. Reimagining Greenville: Building the Best Downtown in America is the story of the ambitious minds and motivated actions that led to the revitalization of downtown Greenville and its emergence as an accessible and vibrant center for locals and visitors. John Boyanoski is a former journalist for the Greenville Journal and the Greenville News who covered stories about the city’s transformation before he founded his own public relations firm. Knox White is the current mayor of Greenville (since 1995) who has dedicated his legacy to establishing Greenville as a city transformed into a model for economic growth and beautiful spaces. Please join these two In Conversation about the book and the revitalization that Greenville has experienced.
  • December 14, 2017
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