How to Choose a Childcare Provider (plus tips for new providers)

Join Kidding Around and Kathryn Martin from Kellie Rynn Academy as we talk about how to choose a childcare provider, plus also learn about some FREE resources for those providing childcare through the new Kellie Rynn Child Care Provider Training Collaborative. On the agenda to discuss: *What should you look for in a childcare provider? Especially, when it comes to in-home providers? *When is child care babysitting/nannying and when is it childcare that requires licensing? *What are some free resources for childcare providers? Do you have questions? Send them to About Kathryn Martin: On November 7, 2013, Kellie Rynn Martin was born to Kathryn and Ashley Martin. Kellie Rynn is their first child, as well as the first grandchild and great-grandchild on both sides. She was happy, healthy, and beautiful; she was the light of her family. But on February 21, 2014, at 3 ½ months old, Kellie Rynn passed away from suffocation as a result of negligence in an in-home childcare center. This specific center had come highly recommended, and on the surface was a great place to leave a child. However, over time, it was discovered that many laws and regulations were not being followed. After months of investigation, Kellie Rynn's caregiver pled guilty to Child Neglect (felony), Obstruction of Justice and Unlawful Operation of a Daycare. She received 18 months house arrest, 5 years probation and 23 hours of community service. This is currently the harshest sentence a caregiver has received in SC regarding the neglect of children in the home. Kellie Rynn's story was featured throughout Greenville's local news, as well as CNN and Nancy Grace. Kellie Rynn’s loved ones have made it their mission to impact childcare in South Carolina. Kathryn and Ashley have spoken before the S.C. Senate and the S.C. House of Representatives. Kellie Rynn's mother, Kathryn, is currently working with SC legislators on Kellie Rynn's Law to enhance these penalties that childcare providers face when a child is seriously injured or killed in their care. She has also partnered with Greenville First Steps, The Greenville Chamber and Palmetto Shared Services Alliance to continue care for home based child care settings. This brand new training program soars above South Carolina's standards and sets a provider up to be one of the best Licensed Providers in Greenville.
  • August 13, 2020
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